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          行業前景 Sunrise Industry
          來源: 百度 時間:2017年06月23日

            Under the current financial crisis, companies of high energy consumption, high pollution and low-level redundant construction are absent of market competitiveness while newly building materials is booming. The central authorities proposed that China will accelerate the construction of affordable housing projects, livelihood projects, infrastructure, social undertaking, eco-environment protection and self-innovation as well as post-disaster reconstruction with investment over 7 trillion yuan by the end of 2011. The industry of newly building materials is thus a beneficiary, enjoying great market prospect.

            In recent 5 years, the output value of newly building materials is developing at a speed of 20% annually. According to relevant research institution, it is expected that the market size of new materials domestically will be expanded rapidly with its output exceeding 26 million yuan in 2011. From the perspective of macro-economic environment in China, the next 20 years will still be the era of high growth with the market size reaching 4 trillion yuan. Judging from the future development of real estate, buildings and construction materials, it is estimated that China will construct the building of 30 billion square meters by the end of 2020. Newly materials, as strategy focus for industrial restructuring and transformation of economic growth pattern of building materials area, boasts broad prospect of development.
            People’s pursuit of comfortable living environment drives the rising demand of newly building materials. Stainless steel cannot match the peoples lifestyle while newly safety products featuring durability, environment protection, beautiful outlook and safety have witnessed an ever-growing desire with over 100 billion yuan market capacity and its market capability shows stable and rapid performance.

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